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SEO article writing tutorial | Articles writing tips & guidelines

SEO article writing tutorial

Although Google will always try to change their algorithm every now and than (improve and upgrade it, in order to provide a better and more targeted results to users in their search engine), one thing remains their top priority - the content displayed on websites.

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In the process of SEO, the emphasis in article writing is on the quality of the content, much more than on the combination of different expressions. A quality article should be written primarily for users, but also on the way, you need to help Google understand what the topic is talking about - this is done by incorporating relevant keywords in the article itself, as naturally as possible.

Who needs article writing services?

Who needs article writing services? SEO companies, in order to promote their clients websites, marketing companies in order to promote products and almost every website owner.

Who can provide article writing services?

In fact, any person with a basic knowledge of writing and a little patience can write articles. For example, blog owners also often write their own articles.

The importance of content on websites

Writing high quality content is at least as important as investing in your website design.

Using articles, you can promote your website, bring traffic, get people to share your information, build yourself as an authority in your field, and eventually upgrade your business.

Using content, people can find what they are looking for on the Internet. People are looking for almost everything on the Internet today - jewelry, reviews, historical facts, various guides on various subjects and much more.

The great thing about the Internet, is that virtually every person will have relevant results to his search. Naturally, these results are content based. The same content helps Google's bots to crawl the page, ranking the quality of that page and of course the topic it deals with.

Don't forget your keywords

You are going to add articles to your website anyway, so you might as well take the time, to make sure that Google will rank them approprietly. Conduct a in depth research on which keywords people are searching for, and make a keywords spreadsheet.

While it’s still an important method, to include your targeted keywords throughout your content, pushing those keyword harder into your website, won’t do any good. With a proper strategy, you need to be tactical. Add your keywords to the page title, the H1 tag and the first 300 words. After that, you should use variations of your keywords along the content.

You need to understand - people are searching for a particular keyword, because they want to know more about it, so it makes a lot of sense to give them what they’re searching for. You’ll get more visitors if you acknowledge that.

Size do matter

And I mean the length of the content. Google will give preference to longer and rich content, and for very good reason. Try to write at least 1,000 words in a page, but if you can write 2,000 words or more, go for it! There has been an extensive researchs, that indicates that Google tend to favor in-depth content of at least 2,000 words. The longer your content is, the more benefits you are going to provide to your readers. This ultimately will create a lower bounce rate, that will affcet the page ranking (for the best).

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