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SEO keyword research tutorial & tips | The best free keyword research tool

SEO keyword research tutorial

What are Keywords and why they are so important?

Keywords are words and phrases that define what your website is about. they are the words and phrases that users search for in Google and in other search engines.

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Your main objective is ranking high with your keywords, on search engines and particular on Google. The consequence of ranking high with your keywords, is increase in organic traffic to your website.

How to use keywords on your website?

Your main keywords should appear on each page of your website, in the relevant areas. This includes both the Title and H1 tags, the meta description, other header tags (H2-H6) and the alt attributes of your images.

The best free keyword research tool (in my opinion)

There are more than a few keywords research tools. However, in my opinion, Keywords Everywhere is one of the best tools out there. Keywords Everywhere is a browser addon tool, that will give you keywords search volume, CPC & competition data for free!

To download this this awesome tool, please go to keywordseverywhere.com and choose the appropriate tool for your web browser.

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