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Why so many businesses are unhappy with their SEO guy?

If you are a website owner who invests time and money in online marketing, it is very possible that you are frustrated with the results or lack of them, since quite a few SEOs guys do not supply the needed results. Their initial promises are completely different from what is happening right now.

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In the field of SEO there are so many companies and freelancers - It goes without saying, that it is imperative to hire the right person for the job. But why so many businesses are unhappy with their online promotion providers? How did some SEOs become scammers? Stay with me to find out.

Manage your clients expectations

Your client have expectations, obviously. There are his main goals, and goals are actually what leads business forward. It is imperative to manage expectations, but unfortunately many SEOs do not manage expectations with their clients. This stage is extremely important, not only to the customer, but also for the site promoter.

How to manage expectations? The customer tells what he expects to receive, and the promoter in most cases will drop him to the ground, and explain to him whether it is possible or not, and if it is possible, the promoter will explain how long he thinks it can happen.

In this situation, with all the cards on the table, two things can happen: First - the client knows more or less what is going to happen from now on. Second - the client can decide that the deal is not right for him, say thanks and look for another company that might offer him something more suited to his expectations. Either way, when working in transparency, the amount of complaints and disappointments drops dramatically.

Lack of patience

In many cases, clients do not have enough patience to let the process happen, especially when it comes to tough competition. It's important to understand that SEO promotion takes time - Nothing (usually) happens within a week or two, and you'll be surprised - in many cases not even after two or three months.

SEO promotion is a long and hard process, which requires a lot of patience and and investment in several channels simultaneously: site optimization, external links, content creation and more. Investment in only some of the above will usually result in partial results, unless the customer is himself a content producer or a large brand that receives natural links on a regular basis.

Incorrect estimation

Sometimes, SEO professionals make a mistake in their assessments, and provide to clients answers that are not compatible with reality. The problem is that these things only come to light after the fact, and then the customers are left with a campaign that, at least for the time being, does not provide the necessary results. It is important to be patient - but to a certain extent. How can one avoid such a situation in the first place? Look for SOEs with rich experience who have already handled projects of all kinds, and promoted sites in any volume. Such advances make it much easier to provide a clear and accurate assessment.

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